Oregon Map

Northeast Highlands

Umatilla, Union, and Wallowa Counties


Wallowa County, 97827

Minam is more a point of interest than a town. On the right side of the road (headed NE toward Enterprise) you can see the Minam and the Wallowa rivers hit head-on before flowing under the bridge and northerly down a road-less canyon to join the Grande Ronde river and thence the Snake. I only know of one other place in Oregon where rivers meet like this. The North Umpqua river and Little river hit head-on also near the town of Glide. The little store at Minam is usually open and caters to rafters and thirsty travelers. These ambitious folks also run a 'Steelhead Train' on the old Joseph line. It follows the Wallowa river, leaves early and comes back about mid-afternoon. Presumably you get off where you want to fish and get on when the train returns. Wow!